Positive Psychology coaching and workshops that develop resilience and grit.

The Paper Planes Project is a series of school-based resilience, life-skills, and personal development workshops which support young people to do more than just survive- but to truly thrive. Through psycho-educational and leadership workshops students have the opportunity to learn and experience tools which develop resilience and grit- the psychological factors that have been shown to contribute most to success across personal and professional domains.


The only school program in Australia founded in tertiary positive psychology education garnered across the world, Paper Planes sets students up to succeed- in school, in the workforce, in relationships, and in life. It develops emotional intelligence, which not only contributes to mental wellbeing, but is hailed as the most important skill for successful leaders across all sectors. The skills learned through the PPP sessions- such as mindfulness, impactful collaboration, and grit- are being taught to executives at an MBA level. Imagine the difference it could make to young people's lives having this advantage as they enter the workforce.


The tools taught in the program have been shown to impart a marked decrease in depression- a disease which strikes adolescents at a rate of one in five. The Paper Planes Project goes further, beyond beating ills, to give students the skills and knowledge to get as far as they dare to dream, and the conviction in themselves to dream big.



Programs are tailored to the needs of the group, decided collaboratively by students, staff, and parents. The core components include mindfulness, as an ongoing method of self-care and optimising potential, and values identification & goal setting, as a foundational life skill and to identify current needs.


Sessions can incorporate:

Happiness & Enhancing Wellbeing

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Positive Relationships

Grief and Loss

Body Confidence


Utilising Strengths

Creative Expression

Team Building

Compassion & Community Service

Public Speaking

Career Skills



The sessions can be delivered independently for incursions, retreats, and camps, or work together  for even greater results in an 8-week program, building a growth mindset and developing grit.  The result is students who have greater confidence in their abilities, are willing to take risks, and are set to succeed in whatever they set their minds to.


Programs can be tailored for leadership groups or groups facing specific challenges, as well as whole class or grade groups. Program sizes are flexible depending on the group's needs. 8-week small group courses start from as little as $15 per person, per session, and large group workshops are run at a flat fee at a very low cost-per-person. Please get in touch to find out how valuable this incredible program can be for your school.











Other Services


Whilst all of our programs utilise a coaching framework, setting goals that excite and inspire, and working on action steps to reach them, individual coaching can help those who thrive in a one-on-one setting to become unstuck and unlock their future.


For Staff

Programs can also be tailored for staff wellbeing, or for training and incorporation into classroom teaching.


Alumni Program

All graduates of the eight-week program are eligible to become members of the online alumni program. This ongoing support offers continuous education and engagement with our staff and like-minded peers across Brisbane.