Inspiring belief in unending potential.




We each get this one blank piece of paper called life, and we get to decide what we do with it.  With the right knowledge and effort, it can become anything; If crafted with care and launched in the direction of our dreams, it can soar . There are certainly factors beyond our control; some events leave a permanent mark, and success can be thwarted or supported at the will of the wind. But ultimately, there is a lot we each can do to learn the steps that support success, and launch ourselves into a life we love.


The Paper Planes Project was born out of inspiration. Having supported children, young people, and families facing serious illness, disability, and bereavement through psychosocial interventions with the Starlight Children's Foundation, CanTeen, and Livewire, founder Melanie Rolfe was struck by the incredible ability of this cohort to not only survive through the hardest of times, but to find meaning and direction from them.


This work lead to post-graduate studies in Positive Psychology- the scientific study of optimum human functioning- and feeling called to share this new-found knowledge. Melanie backs up her passion for helping young people, with degrees in psychology and adolescent health and wellbeing.


With almost a decade's experience  designing and delivering psychosocial programs for children, adolescents, and young adults, arming them with practical tools for thriving through their own health or bereavement journey, Melanie is equipped for the next challenge- bringing these life-changing tools to the young people of Brisbane.


Melanie passionately believes that every young person holds the potential and deserves the opportunity to soar.