The science of fulfilment. 


Positive Psychology focuses on leading meaningful, joy-filled lives that continuously reach and stretch the individual's potential. Like any other science, it is an evidence-based framework for impacting lives, and incorporates interventions such as mindfulness, gratitude, and psycho-education to teach us how our minds work and how to optimise happiness.


It is a strengths-based approach which gives individuals the tools to identify their strengths and values, build a life around these, and equips them to bounce back from adversity. Positive Psychology is about individuals and communities having the tools to do more than just survive- but to truly thrive.


The Positive Education movement aims to instil these values through our education system, equipping young people with a growth mindset through their education, important relationship-building years, and as they plan for their future entering the adult world. The Paper Planes Project is bridging the gap between theory and practice by bringing the latest research to schools all over South-East Queensland.